Adriatica Ionica Race: ready to unveil the new edition

Discovering the territories of the new international cycling: from 22 to 24 September, three stages in Abruzzo, Apulia and Calabria.

The Adriatica Ionica Race will take place from 22 to 24 September 2023, in three stages in Abruzzo, Apulia and Calabria, with a new date on the calendar and a renewed impetus.

A major innovation in 2023 for the race organised by Moreno Argentin's ASD Sportunion is the amplified focus on the narrative project dedicated to the territories traversed by this event to tell their stories through the geography, culture, food and wine and the welcoming soul of these places.

The Adriatica Ionica Race, born in 2018, stands as an international cycling event born in 2018 with the purpose of being a genuine bridge connecting the East and West, fostering bond between people and cultures, setting out to rediscover and promote the territories bathed by the Adriatic and Ionian Seas.

Today marks a new step in its history as this race evolves into an enthralling adventure story for the territories of new international cycling. 

Just like Marco Polo traversed countries and cultures narrating his experiences in “The Million”, the Adriatica Ionica Race weaves tales of places that have been already associated with cycling, but are now viewed through a fresh lens, embracing the evolution of the sport and its role as an ambassador of the entire area.

New Bike Destinations which will be told with a modern communication plan encompassing video coverage, off-line planning, on-line strategy, city dressing, involvement of local actors and stakeholder outreach.