Adriatica Ionica Race: the third act will run from Ferrara to Brisighella

The third stage of the AIR2022 has been unveiled: it will take place in the Emilia-Romagna area for a stage to be discovered

The work of the organizing staff of the Adriatica Ionica Race continues, unveiling officially today the third leg of the 2022 edition. This is an entirely Emilia-Romagna stage that will start on Monday 6th June from the historic center of the city of Ferrara to end in the beautiful medieval village of Brisighella (Rn).

This stage is rich in unique historical, cultural, artistic and landscape attractions where the collaborators of Moreno Argentin have worked together with the President of the APT Emilia-Romagna, Davide Cassani.

After the spectacular performance already experienced in 2021, the starting location of Ferrara has been confirmed – it is thus becoming a fixed initial point of the young and dynamic stage race which, the day after the climb to Monte Grappa, will restart from the Emilian plain with the arrival set in the Regional Park of the Vena del Gesso Romagnola.

“In 2021 the choice of Emilia-Romagna represented a novelty for our competition but, one year later, we can already talk about a reality and a consolidated friendship with the regional and local administrators. I am particularly happy to be able to bring back the departure of a stage in Ferrara, a city rich in history, charm and culture. Thanks to the friendship with Davide Cassani, we chose Brisighella as arrival location to enhance a territory that was the scene of the Road World Championships in 2020, deserving to be discovered and enhanced also throughout our format” observed Moreno Argentin.

A smile on Davide Cassani’s lips reveals his taste for the show of the AIR 2022 on the Emilia-Romagna roads: “The Adriatica Ionica Race is a sporting event that winks not only at the world of competition but also at those who love to travel and discover new territories, staying in the saddle of a bicycle. An approach to tourism in which our Region deeply believes and for which it has created many ad hoc initiatives. I am sure that the stage from Ferrara to Brisighella will be a good opportunity to highlight our splendid territory and once again to promote Emilia-Romagna as the ideal destination for two-wheel enthusiasts”.

FERRARA, CITY OF CULTURE AND BICYCLES – Ferrara, which had already hosted the start of a stage of the Adriatica Ionica Race in 2021, returns to open the doors of its historic center to the race promoted by Moreno Argentin. Located in the Emilian plain, Ferrara was the magnificent capital of the Renaissance and was the first modern city in Europe. Thanks to this feature, it has been recognized as a World Heritage Site by Unesco. A silent city, people-oriented, it can be discovered on foot or by bicycle.

“Last year the start of the Adriatica Ionica Race gave us a wonderful day of celebration dedicated to cycling. The emotions experienced and the high visibility our city has had, led us to continue the partnership with the organizing staff of Moreno Argentin, who I thank you. We are happy to host again this prestigious event” observed the Mayor of Ferrara, Alan Fabbri.

“Ferrara is a city encompassing all the valuable aspects of our event: attention to the history, culture and beauty of our country connected to a new way of interpreting mobility in a sustainable way. For this reason, we were particularly keen on starting again from here” added Moreno Argentin. “We are looking forward to seeing all cycling fans in the square on the forthcoming 6th June to embrace the champions who will be the protagonists of our race”.

THE MEDIEVAL ATMOSPHERE OF BRISIGHELLA – Brisighella, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, is located within the Regional Park of the Vena del Gesso Romagnola, in the Tuscan-Romagnolo Apennines. Three sharp peaks rise from the selenite rock: one holds the clock tower, the other the Rocca Manfrediana and the third the Sanctuary of Monticino, of ancient Marian tradition. All along this very characteristic village, you can breathe a suggestive medieval atmosphere: here in May the Medieval Festivals will be back to anticipate the arrival of the third stage of the Adriatica Ionica Race. Brisighella is part of the permanent circuit hosting the Road World Championships in 2020.

“We are really happy to host the finish line of a stage of the Adriatica Ionica Race: when Davide Cassani and Moreno Argentin proposed this event to me, we immediately found a strong syntony with the valuable aspects that this race pursues and promotes” underlined the Mayor of Brisighella, Massimiliano Pederzoli“Being able to see the big names of the cycling world again at work along our roads will be an honor for us and, at the same time, a splendid opportunity to promote our whole territory, which has always been closely linked to the culture of cycling”.

“The arrival in Brisighella is expected to be spectacular, not only from the landscape point of view, but also for the competitive aspects. The finish line inside the medieval village will offer a series of difficulties that will make this stage truly unique” concluded Moreno Argentin.