AIR 2022: here are the details of the Castelfranco – Cima Grappa stage

The second stage of AIR 2022, taking place on 5th June, was unveiled this morning during the press conference in Bassano del Grappa

The details of the second stage of the Adriatica Ionica Race 2022 were unveiled this morning at the Confcommercio headquarters in Bassano del Grappa (VI). The Castelfranco Veneto (Tv) – Cima Grappa, taking place on Sunday 5th June, has already sparked the passion of fans and professionals. The stage, returning to tackle the most important climb of the short stage race led by Moreno Argentin and his staff, will bring the Adriatica Ionica Race back to the top of Cima Grappa one year after the success of the Bolognese Lorenzo Fortunato. 

“Among our municipalities is born an intense synergy that allows us to promote the entire context of the Asolo area and Monte Grappa: an area rich in history and unique natural attractions. Last year the passage of the Adriatic Ionica Race along our roads allowed us to spread worldwide the images of the locations crossed by the race and this opportunity has had an important positive impact for the whole territory. This event has also led us to the nomination of our territory as MAB Unesco Biosphere Reserve, after a 4-year territorial animation activity. For this reason, in accordance with Moreno Argentin, we have reconfirmed this stage again during 2022 and it is expected to take place on a Sunday of feast for the cycling enthusiasts and for those who love to discover the territory” said Annalisa Rampin, President of IPA Terre d’Asolo and Monte Grappa. 

Today’s event, supported and promoted by IPA Terre d’Asolo e Monte Grappa, has been welcomed by the Hon. Raffaele Baratto and the representatives of the Italian Cycling Federation, namely the National Councilor Fabrizio Cazzola, the President of the Veneto Committee, Sandro Checchin and the President of the Provincial Committee of Vicenza, Luigi Comacchio. 

“The Veneto Region strongly believes in the connection between sport – cycling in particular – and the tourist promotion of our territory. This event represents an example of perfect synergy between administrators, business realities and organizers that allows us to enhance our territory” highlighted the President of the Regional Council, Roberto Ciambetti bringing the greetings from the President Luca Zaia. “We are in the heart of the Cycling Valley where cycling is not only a sport, but also and above all a driving force for our economy. The route of this stage, scheduled the forthcoming 5th June, will cross cities and towns where the passion for cycling is very strong: I think this is the best promotional activity that the Veneto Region can offer “.

THE ROUTE – The second stage of the Adriatica Ionica Race 2022 will start from Castelfranco Veneto to tackle 157.8 kilometers that could be decisive for the final classification. After the Cash Sprint of Casella d’Asolo the caravan will climb Forcella Mostacin before moving to the Province of Belluno to face the side of Monte Grappa from Caupo. 27 kilometers of final climb with a very challenging first stretch followed by an ascent that will test the climbers of the race. 

The Councilor Franco Pivotti welcomed with pleasure the departure from Castelfranco Veneto: “Castelfranco Veneto is a city closely linked with the world of cycling: as confirmation, just consider that Alessandro Ballan, the last Italian World Champion, is our fellow citizen. We are pleased to host the start of the Venetian leg of the Adriatica Ionica Race whose format is able to go beyond the simple technical-competitive aspects and can communicate an important message of sustainable mobility which represents a great opportunity for the future of the whole territory”. 

Approval words also came from Fabio Maggio, Councilor of the Province of Treviso, as well as from Renato Campana, owner of Geo & Tex 2000 and from Tommaso Santini, Strategic Advisor of the Gabetti Group. 
“The side that we will tackle this year will allow us to cross most of the municipalities belonging to the IPA Terre d’Asolo and Monte Grappa and, at the same time, will offer the athletes the opportunity of testing themselves on a very demanding climb from a technical point of view. On weekends, Monte Grappa is always a popular destination for hikers and mountain enthusiasts: we are sure that many of them will also take the chance of attending the arrival of the athletes, enjoying a day surrounded by nature and mountains ” added Michele Cortesia, delegate of IPA Terre d’Asolo and Monte Grappa.

FOOD PROJECT AND PRESS TOUR – The presentation of the Venetian stage was also the opportunity to reveal the first details about the initiatives that will accompany the race on its five-day journey between Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto, Emilia Romagna and Marche. The first activity is referred to the Food Project through which Adriatica Ionica Race will propose every day, within the Hospitality area created at the arrival site, the dish of the day made with the products and agri-food excellence of the territory: “This project is focused on enhancing local products by promoting their quality and making regional culinary tradition. The guests, the authorities and the journalists will have the opportunity to taste the specialties within the hospitality area, learning more about the cuisine of the places we are going to cross” explained the project manager, Federico Da Re.

AIR Experience has also been confirmed during 2022: the press tour reserved for journalists who will be able to take a close look at the race, discovering, at the same time, the most evocative locations and the hot spots of the territory, framing the five scheduled stages. 

There are also several proposals offered by the social and web profiles of Adriatica Ionica Race where it is already possible to see the video presentation of the Castelfranco Veneto – Monte Grappa made with the direction of Claudio Polotto and the skillful management of Daniele Marcassa and Silvio Martinello.
“Climbing to Monte Grappa for the second consecutive year is our pride and great satisfaction: it will allow us to offer a real challenge to the protagonists of this stage race” concluded Moreno Argentin“I want to thank all the administrators who supported us, the Veneto Region who believed in our project and all the sponsors who are by our side “.

The appointment is therefore on 5th June, with the Adriatic Ionica Race, for the Castelfranco Veneto – Monte Grappa stage which is expected to offer entertainment and emotions along the roads of Veneto!

Castelfranco Veneto – Monte Grappa route is available on YOUTUBE: