AIRace and the University of Udine to ride alongside

Jul 27, 2020

Adriatica Ionica Race’s organizing company Sportunion inked a framework agreement with the University to spread sports culture, education and promotion across Friuli’s territory

As sports drive force spreading culture and territorial promotion, an agreement between the ASD Sportunion – organizer of AIRace, the cycling event shaped by former world champion Moreno Argentin – and the University of Udine, always at the forefront combining education and sport, has officially taken shape today, Monday, July 27th at the Palazzo Antonini Maseri in Udine.

Professor Roberto Pinton, Chancellor of the Friuli’s University and the ASD Sportunion President, Moreno Argentin joined efforts. After the 2020 race’s cancellation, due to the epidemic emergency, Adriatica Ionica Race is now back on track pulling together the prestigious institution in Udine.

“Cycling and culture can coexist and interact for a common goal – Moreno Argentin explained -. The promotion and enhancement of the territory is one of the main purposes of our event. Together with the University of Udine we are laying the foundations of an ambitious project to emphasize the areas the competition will pass through”.

“This important agreement proves once again our university’s commitment in educating and enhancing young professionals about sports culture and tourism as a cultural heritage since decades – the Chancellor Roberto Pinton explained -. The courses started back in 2000 with the Sports Science bachelor’s degree, Sciences and Techniques of Cultural Tourism in 2004 and Sports Science master’s degree in 2005. I hope that through the collaboration with the association led by a top-level sportsman like Moreno Argentin, the university and its students could increase their educational and professional experiences, while Sportunion take advantage of a high-ranking national university’s scientific knowledge in the specific areas as per the agreement”.

The collaboration between the ASD Sportunion and the University of Udine consists of four macro-areas:

  • Analysis and research: design of specific studies concerning sports initiatives promoted by the ASD Sportunion, including thesis projects and internship activities;
  • Promotion: definition of shared communication related to the core of the agreement;
  • Divulgation: upgrade of side activities in the events promoted by the ASD Sportunion, with the involvement of academics;
  • Education: students experiences on field aside the professionals working in the organizational team.


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