ADRIATICA IONICA RACE aims to be the bridge between east and west, the past and the future, between humans and the Environment. It wants to rediscover and promote territories, beginning from the north east of Italy and passing through the eastern countries bordering the Adriatic and Ionian seas, exploring these territories through racing and tourism. The race intends to lead us on a journey on two wheels, passing through ancient roads discovering the history of the inhabitants and the great civilizations of yesterday. A constant search for new places and ancient traditions, made of culture, art and food.

ADRIATICA IONICA RACE is not just a multistage race for professional cyclists, it is also a booster for a heterogeneous land whose main values and traditions have not yet been entirely explored. The race aims to be a new way of organizing a cycling competition, through a modern and dynamic format. By means of a variety of competitions that meet todays needs: individual time trial, team time trial, night race, in line race with the inclusion of unmade roads and spectacular uphill arrivals. Each stage, therefore, aims to tell a different story, leveraging on the unique characteristics of its territory.