A bicycle is accessible to anyone, regardless of race, culture, religion or social class, it is a tool to the discovery of the inner self and the world that surrounds us. In particular, cycling at the highest level is the combination of speed, ability, physical strength, fighting spirit and tenacity. But cycling is not only strength, it is also mass entertainment and an opportunity for social gathering.

ADRIATICA IONICA RACE wants to be the bridge between east and west, the past and the future, the Environment and humanity. It wants to rediscover and promote territories, beginning from the north east of Italy and passing through the eastern countries bordering the Adriatic and Ionian seas, exploring it through racing and tourism. This race intends to take us on a journey on two wheels, passing through ancient roads and learning about the history of the inhabitants and the great civilizations of yesterday.

Nowadays, more than ever, it is important to emphasize knowledge and dialogue, especially among the people of the territories overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Sports and culture are elements that strongly contribute to awareness, strengthening social cohesion and social welcoming.

All our actions and our entire program rests on these elements of shared sensibility that we desire to transmit to every participant.